Smartest Way to Buy!
Instead of having an expensive retail store that creates massive overhead you end up having to pay for, we prefer our luxury office and showroom located in a secure bank building. This allows you access to better pricing, and an overall better experience when buying your jewelry. Please contact MAX Jewelry Brokers today by clicking the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of this page. You can also call us at 816-246-5700 to schedule an appointment or ask us any questions.

Unique Buying Experience!
MAX is a different way of buying jewelry than you’re used to. We do not have the giant markups you’re used to, we do not have the pushy sales people you’re used to, and we don’t ask you to sit in front of dozens of other people while making important decisions about your new purchase.

You get 1 on 1 Attention!
MAX Jewelry Brokers provides a comfortable one on one, by appointment only environment where you get 100% of our attention, for as long as you need it.

We have 30 Years Experience!
We have over 30 years of experience buying and selling quality jewelry and we can answer any questions, address any concerns, and help you get the most for your money every time.

We know diamonds and we work hard to buy our diamonds at great prices so we can give you lower prices, and a happy ending to your buying experience. We also have access to literally thousands of diamonds in all sizes, qualities, and prices. Basically, we have diamonds available to fit your exact needs. Please contact MAX Jewelry Brokers today so that we can answer any questions you have and tell you a little more about ourselves.


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